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Založené 2003

Náměstí ČSLA 26
373 41 Hluboká nad Vltavou

Tel.: +420 776 826 376
Mobil: +420 777 890 202

In the area where the Hluboká nad Vltavou GC operates you can find an eighteen-hole course as well a nine-hole academy, a clubhouse and training areas. It is a part of a sports zone of the town where you can find other sports facilities. The course is not physically demanding it is flat. At first sight it is an easy course but there are some malicious spots which make golfers' life difficult. They are catchwaters which cross paths of ten holes out of eighteen. Another danger is an unfavourable rough nearby and braches of full-grown trees, no matter if they are solitary or in groups and divide particular fairways. In this course it pays to buy a course guide, or more precisely a birdie card. Nothing can surprise you then.

The course advantages less experienced golfers, so nobody needs to worry to play here. There are two long holes and both are over 500 metres long, on the other hand the shortest ones are over 100 metres long. The total length is almost six kilometres. Hole Nr. 3 is treacherous because it turns left to green at the end. Before the path breaks there are two water hazards which look as one at first sight. In fact they are two of "Y" shape which golfers usually find out in the place. There is a similar problem on hole Nr. 6 but the space between both water hazards is large enough.

Otherwise it is a very pleasant course, especially when it is nice weather. It is designed for a pleasant play due to its area and situation far from all the rush.

Ihriska v tomto resortu:

Hluboká nad Vltavou (18 jamiek, par 72M/72Ž)

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Hluboká nad Vltavou (driving range outdoor)

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GPS: 49°02'49.69"N; 14°26'35.38"E


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Individuálné 660,41,- Eur
Zľavnené 386,87,- Eur

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Ako hráli ostatní na ihrisku v tomto golfovom resorte?

Dátum Meno Jamek Skore SF HCP N.HCP Turnaj Verejné Komentár
25.9.2017 Wiesner Květoslav 18 104 29 23.4 23.5 Áno Áno Nie
19.8.2017 Novotný Jan 18 98 33 20.2 20.2 Nie Áno Áno
16.8.2016 Wiesner Květoslav 18 104 30 22.4 22.5 Áno Áno Nie
19.7.2016 Wiesner Květoslav 18 115 25 22.1 22.2 Áno Áno Nie
27.6.2016 Wiesner Květoslav 18 100 32 22.0 22.0 Áno Áno Nie
20.6.2015 Frydrýn Josef 18 126 32 42.0 42.0 Nie Áno Nie
28.4.2015 Wiesner Květoslav 18 106 32 27.3 27.3 Áno Áno Nie
13.7.2014 Šrajb Petr 18 101 41 31.0 28.5 Áno Áno Nie
20.5.2014 Wiesner Květoslav 18 119 23 27.9 28.1 Áno Áno Nie
6.8.2013 Wiesner Květoslav 18 116 25 29.7 29.9 Áno Áno Nie


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