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Založené 2001

Na golfovém hřišti 1020
684 01 Slavkov u Brna

Tel.: +420 544 221 963
Fax: +420 544 423 512

The first large course near Brno in Slavkov was created near the trade-fair city surprisingly not long ago but it has all attributes of a master course. Length of holes, various hazards and terrain superelevation together with a club background and separate hotel apartments with training areas - that's it. Moreover, there is a six-hole academy under the trees of the chateau park. There are no trees in the course, so it is good to have an umbrella when sun shines but, on the other hand, it is very well maintained.

The first hole offering a view from tee to green fills golfers with joy. Even the water hazard where dogleg is broken to the left does not terrify them. Also the second hole pretends easiness. On Nr. 3 there is a slope behind the hole but it is the fourth hole which shows the real nature of this course. When you finally take in breath and reach its teeing ground in a foolish hope that you have rectified your sins there the expected fairway will appear above you and its green even higher. The ones who survive this "sorrowful" hole are the winners. It will not be worse. The table land will hopefully offer calming views of Austrian landscape but often also wind which blows from different sides due to the direction of holes. And hole Nr. 10 will direct you down and back to the clubhouse. Although there are still many malicious spots, whereas the worst one are a pot bunker on hole Nr. 13 and the water seventeen where the course designer included a larger water hazard between you and green, it is not so bad. You will happily hit ball between two water hazards and up the "Guliver stairs" forming a fairway you will get to the last green. It is behind you.

Many golfers will not like this course because it shows who the best is. It is a real master course and there are many courses like this abroad contrary to the Czech Republic. But they are not for lazy golfers. You can also meet many good people who are members of the Austerlitz GC. And a piece of piquancy - drinking coffee and watching sunset over the training course will compensate all your efforts.

Ihriska v tomto resortu:

Slavkov u Brna- Austerlitz (18 jamiek, par 72M/72Ž)
Slavkov u Brna - Zámecká akademie (6 jamiek, par 18M/18Ž)

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Slavkov u Brna - Austerlitz (driving range outdoor)

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GPS: 49°09'47.01"N; 16°52'26.64"E


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Trenéri golfu:

Meno/telefón cena
Golc David
+420 603 288 830
350 Kč/30 min
Směšný Dalibor
+420 739 088 200
350 Kč/30 min
Trupl Ondřej
+420 731 158 575
400 Kč / 30 min

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Ako hráli ostatní na ihrisku v tomto golfovom resorte?

Dátum Meno Jamek Skore SF HCP N.HCP Turnaj Verejné Komentár
20.5.2018 Kvarda Robert 18 68 51 28.6 22.1 Nie Áno Áno
23.4.2018 Wiesner Květoslav 18 104 33 23.5 23.5 Áno Áno Nie
15.4.2018 Kvarda Robert 18 60 56 28.5 20.0 Nie Áno Áno
25.8.2017 Kvarda Robert 18 59 57 28.4 19.6 Nie Áno Áno
19.7.2017 Polák Roman 18 96 35 17.0 17.0 Nie Áno Nie
24.3.2017 Polák Roman 18 105 31 16.9 17.0 Nie Áno Nie
10.6.2016 Polák Roman 18 114 23 17.5 17.6 Áno Áno Nie
3.6.2016 Polák Roman 18 94 36 17.4 17.4 Áno Áno Nie
1.5.2016 Špilar Jiří 18 93 39 18.4 17.5 Nie Áno Áno
30.4.2016 Špilar Jiří 18 87 44 18.4 16.0 Nie Áno Áno


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