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Založené 2005

Vanov 21
588 56 Telč

Mobil: +420 724 322 763
Fax: +420 567 379 039

The golf area is situated near village Vanov and the central premise is a well-reconstructed Šiška?s mill. There is a hotel and equipment for conferences, moreover there was a golf clubhouse built in the same style. Nowadays there is a golf course equipped with everything what is necessary with respect to the trend of course creation at present. Besides that there are also other options of entertainment, e.g. tennis courts, bowling, billiards, indoor swimming-pool, sauna, fitness, solarium, bar and grill. Moreover, you can borrow bicycles here or enjoy fishing or hunting. The course has a driving range and other practising areas available for golfers, i.e. putting and chipping green and practice bunker.

The course itself is divided into two parts by a road. There are eight holes of a hilly nature in front of the mill and other ten holes are situated on the flat behind a tree avenue along the road. The course is quite long, 5,988 metres from yellow tees and 5,214 metres from red tees. It offers a possibility to play from three different tees and it is not a problem to create a classical fourth tee. There are some interesting holes. E.g. hole Nr. 2 is the highest point of the course and immediately on next tee Nr. 3 golfers maturity is important. The teeing ground is situated high above the hole path and, moreover the way to green is narrowed, so one thing is a wish of long hit but the total number of hits after it is in the hole is important. And hole Nr. 9 is extremely long, 544, or more precisely 420 metres, from white stones it is even 555.

In general, the course is very naturally integrated into a bit rough but very beautiful nature in the Českomoravská highlands. The course is used by the Telč GC.

Ihriska v tomto resortu:

Telč (18 jamiek, par 73M/73Ž)

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Telč (driving range outdoor)

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GPS: 49°12'28.00"N; 15°24'36.00"E


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Individuálné 1775,85,- Eur 414,36,- Eur
Zľavnené 1183,90,- Eur 256,51,- Eur

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Ako hráli ostatní na ihrisku v tomto golfovom resorte?

Dátum Meno Jamek Skore SF HCP N.HCP Turnaj Verejné Komentár
6.9.2017 Polák Roman 18 99 35 17.2 17.2 Áno Áno Nie
26.9.2016 Wiesner Květoslav 18 121 19 22.8 22.9 Áno Áno Nie
19.9.2016 Wiesner Květoslav 18 102 35 22.7 22.7 Áno Áno Nie
31.5.2016 Wiesner Květoslav 18 117 22 25.3 25.4 Áno Áno Nie
21.9.2015 Wiesner Květoslav 18 107 34 27.5 27.5 Áno Áno Nie
1.9.2015 Wiesner Květoslav 18 106 33 27.5 27.5 Áno Áno Nie
16.8.2015 Špilar Jiří 18 100 31 18.7 18.8 Nie Áno Áno
15.8.2015 Špilar Jiří 18 93 36 18.7 18.7 Nie Áno Áno
2.6.2015 Wiesner Květoslav 18 109 33 27.3 27.3 Áno Áno Nie
21.5.2014 Polák Roman 18 114 23 17.0 17.1 Áno Áno Nie


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