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Založené 1999

Rozstání 5
463 43 Světlá pod Ještědem

Mobil: +420 604 247 053

A course with a dominating building which is the only one in the Czech Republic awarded with Perret's prize in 1969 ? hotel Jested by Karel Hubáček. It is a nine-hole course but, as everybody who has played here says, it is not flat, except tees. At first sight it is easy and well-arranged but also treacherous and making golfers think. This is the course on the south slopes below Jested.

Since its opening the area has experienced a few, sometimes very dramatic, changes but the development has calmed down recently but there are still some improvements carried out. Nowadays it is possible to stay in a boarding-house in the course which has its own restaurant.

No green is large so you have to be accurate and foresee distances well. The very first hole as a left dogleg looks easy but appearances are deceptive. On the third hole, after a shorter severe climbing, your beating heart will affect your hit anyway. On hole Nr. 5 your ball will watch the path of a water hazard and, moreover, the teeing place is narrowed by a wood on the right. The sixth hole is the longest one which you can find out before the second hit when it is necessary to get the ball through a narrow space surrounded by a wood and a complicating left dogleg on the right. The third hit after which your ball should reach green is a bit like a lottery because the whole green is hidden behind the horizon and, moreover it is diverted from the slope. There is a high slope on Nr. 7 towering in front of a flying ball and if you play a bit slice you do not have a chance to get to green in regulation, because the wood lining this hole on the right does not give you an opportunity to play directly over the trees. The eighth green is behind a water hazard, usually quite rough, so ball hardly stays there. Green on the ninth hole, looking like an elephant burial-ground, was fortunately re-arranged, but there are still defending bunkers on both sides.

Partly covered driving range and putting and chipping green provide an opportunity to train before playing.

The course is used by the Jested GC. Otherwise it is an oasis of quiet and calmness where you can really enjoy golf.

Ihriska v tomto resortu:

Ještěd (9 jamiek, par 72M/70Ž)

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Ještěd (driving range outdoor)

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GPS: 50°41'23.90"N; 14°58'42.26"E


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Ako hráli ostatní na ihrisku v tomto golfovom resorte?

Dátum Meno Jamek Skore SF HCP N.HCP Turnaj Verejné Komentár
23.9.2015 Bílek Jaroslav 18 126 33 31.3 31.3 Nie Áno Nie
7.5.2015 Bílek Jaroslav 18 140 17 30.9 31.1 Nie Áno Nie
4.9.2014 Edlman Jan 18 91 42 28.7 25.8 Nie Áno Nie
23.5.2012 Bílý Petr 9/18 57 25 53.0 Nie Áno Nie
1.10.2010 Šámal Oldřich 9/18 58 22 50.0 Nie Áno Nie
28.7.2010 Špilar Jiří 18 90 52 33.0 25.2 Nie Áno Áno
23.7.2010 Šámal Oldřich 9/18 59 21 50.0 Nie Áno Nie
7.7.2010 Musil Vlastimil 18 96 33 20.8 20.8 Nie Áno Nie
22.9.2009 Regent Miroslav 9/18 62 20 54.0 Nie Áno Nie
14.9.2009 Regent Miroslav 9/18 55 27 54.0 Nie Áno Nie


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