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Založené 2001

Heřmanice 280
471 25 Jablonné v Podještědí

Tel.: +420 487 762 107

A ranch situated almost at the German border was named after a cultic novel written by Robert Merle. Contrary to other courses this one provides background and fun for whole family, so housefathers can go and play golf without any problems. Other nine holes were added to the original nine-hole course. Moreover, some of the first holes have been changed because they were, according to golfers, too easy. Now it is different to the benefit of play. The only disadvantage of the course is a road which crosses it and it is necessary to wait until cars go away.

Already on the first hole some golfers are stressed due to the course borders on both sides. Other holes are situated in a large meadow surrounded by woods, whereas the fifth downhill hole requires accurate hits. The sixth hole was extended and its right dogleg with terraced green does not offer many opportunities for par. Even hole Nr. 7, where it is necessary to send ball over a water hazard and then play on left-turning path to hidden green, requires accurate play. There is a short par 3 leading over water behind the riding-hall. Nevertheless, the most beautiful holes are still in front of you. It is Nr. 12 with left acute dogleg and green up on the slope from which you should have a look at the country or hole Nr. 13 down from the hill to a pictorial cottage ? they both are excellent holes. Another hole has green impeded by a small water-jump which is traumatising for some golfers. And the last eighteenth hole, where you play to a gulley among trees over a deep terrain notch, is the final point of the course which is not very difficult but on the first occasion you will not leave with a good result.

The course, which is a domicile of the Malevil Royal GC, has, besides driving range, also putting green. And as soon as you come back to one of the restaurants, the rest of the family will tell you about their experiences and everybody will be happy. Malevil is not a bad tip as a target of a well-spent day in the middle of beautiful nature.

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Malevil (18 jamiek, par 72M/72Ž)

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Malevil (driving range outdoor)

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GPS: 50°58'08.09"N; 14°43'05.90"E


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Meno/telefón cena
Cetl Igor, Ing.
+420 776 207 605
600 Kč/50 min

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Dátum Meno Jamek Skore SF HCP N.HCP Turnaj Verejné Komentár
20.10.2017 Bílek Jaroslav 18 125 23 29.0 29.1 Áno Áno Nie
1.10.2016 Novotný Jan 18 107 26 19.7 19.8 Áno Áno Áno
23.9.2016 Bílek Jaroslav 18 112 29 28.6 28.7 Áno Áno Nie
2.9.2016 Bílek Jaroslav 18 105 38 29.6 28.6 Áno Áno Nie
26.7.2016 Schlick Zbyšek 18 103 37 27.4 26.9 Nie Áno Nie
25.7.2016 Schlick Zbyšek 18 108 34 27.4 27.4 Nie Áno Nie
25.7.2016 Schlick Zbyšek 18 108 34 27.4 27.4 Nie Áno Nie
6.7.2014 Nykodým Aleš 18 84 40 15.4 14.2 Nie Áno Nie
4.10.2013 Novotný Jan 18 99 35 22.6 22.6 Áno Áno Nie
14.9.2013 Merz Lukáš 18 92 36 19.1 19.1 Nie Áno Nie


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