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Založené 1999

Svobodné Hamry 1
539 01 Hlinsko v Čechách

Tel.: +420 469 319 575
Mobil: +420 608 183 908

Among woods near Hlinsko a nine-hole course was created. It is mostly flat, only holes Nr. 1 and 9 are situated on a gentle long slope. River Chrudimka flows across this course and makes a natural border of the course by its meanders. The course and its clubhouse are very "rural" but its calmness and quiet, which you can feel here compared to many other courses, challenges you to enjoy golf all-inclusive when it is nice weather.

There is a smaller terrace at the clubhouse, which is considerably bigger than a few years ago, from which there is a nice view of a driving range and the first and last holes behind trees near the river which is worth seeing when it is nice weekend sunny weather.

A smaller parking place, where surprisingly many cars can be parked when tournaments take place here, is only a few steps from the reception of the clubhouse. The course is quite long and belongs among the difficult ones, i.e. it disadvantages all golfers. Moreover, five holes have water hazards. And there is curiosity. Greens are based on terrain. Most of them create a kind of "pancake". You must get used to them but it is nothing against golf, although somebody may disaffirm it. Simply, golf course is a golf course and you can play golf or not.

The first hole watches a distant stream hidden by high trees and bushes. Everything starts on Nr. 2, it is a short hole but it is necessary to hit ball to a gap between trees over a river. Holes Nr. 3 and 4 are longer but there is a ditch. The fifth hole is the longest one but its double easy dogleg over a water hazard lined by high trees makes this hole the most difficult one in the course. You finish on a long protracted hill.

This is a domicile of the Svobodné Hamry Golf & Country Club.

Ihriska v tomto resortu:

Svobodné Hamry (9 jamiek, par 72M/72Ž)

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Svobodné Hamry (driving range outdoor)

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GPS: 49°45'43.47"N; 15°50'06.99"E


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  Zápisné Ročný poplatok
Individuálné 390,78,- Eur 254,01,- Eur
Zľavnené 39,08,- Eur 54,71,- Eur

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20.8.2017 Fiala Jan 18 99 39 27.3 25.9 Áno Áno Áno
21.7.2017 Fiala Jan 18 128 30 27.3 27.4 Nie Áno Áno
31.5.2017 Fiala Jan 9 51 21 31.8 30.3 Nie Áno Áno
22.5.2017 Fiala Jan 9 50 22 31.8 29.8 Nie Áno Áno
15.5.2017 Fiala Jan 9 55 17 31.8 31.8 Nie Áno Áno
30.7.2016 Fiala Jan 9 51 21 31.8 30.3 Nie Áno Áno
3.7.2016 Schlick Zbyšek 18 95 43 27.4 24.4 Nie Áno Nie
3.7.2016 Schlick Zbyšek 9 52 17 27.4 27.4 Nie Áno Nie
12.10.2015 Grodl Radek 9 82 8 54.0 54.0 Nie Áno Nie
9.10.2015 Fiala Jan 9 55 17 31.8 31.8 Nie Áno Áno


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