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Založené 2006

Kaštieĺská 4
900 27 Bernolákovo

Tel.: + 421 2 4599 4221
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Bernolákovo is the first course in Slovakia which was created after 1990. At the beginning it was a nine-hole course and nowadays it is a golf area with master eighteen holes. The course is situated near the capital of Slovakia - Bratislava in the distance of five kilometres. The beginning of the modern history of golf in Slovakia connected with this place is dated back to 1993. At first an amateurish meadow was created. Golf struck its roots in Slovakia and it has been developing.

A master course with eighteen holes called Black River is, thanks to its rating, one of the most demanding courses in Europe. Its rating is 79.5 for the Czech Republic and 155 for Slovakia, the length from white tees is 6,483 metres. Par of the course is 73. Also its handicap proves its demandingness. For yellow tees the bonus for men is from four to seventeen extra hits, women have five to seventeen extra hits.

First six holes are a part of the original course called Park and they are situated in a park of a baroque mansion, the others are situated behind river Čierná voda. This is where the English name of the course comes from. The longest but not the most difficult hole is Nr. 9 of 551, or more precisely 465 metres. The most difficult hole is Nr. 12 which has a double dogleg. There are large bunkers in the first break making placing the ball to a good position for next hit difficult, in the second one there is a water hazard leading to green. It is difficult to choose the most interesting holes because each of them, in this course, has all attributes which a course can offer to golfers. The play itself is not a battle between golfers but between a golfer and the course.

The course is used by the Bratislava - Bernolákovo G&CC.

Ihriska v tomto resortu:

Bernolákovo - Black river (18 jamiek, par 73M/73Ž)
Bernolákovo - Park (9 jamiek, par 62M/62Ž)

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Bernolákovo (driving range outdoor)

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Ako hráli ostatní na ihrisku v tomto golfovom resorte?

Dátum Meno Jamek Skore SF HCP N.HCP Turnaj Verejné Komentár
31.8.2015 Mederly Peter 9/18 54 20 26.5 Nie Áno Áno
8.5.2012 Schlick Zbyšek 18 149 23 35.2 35.4 Nie Áno Áno
24.5.2011 Jašek Josef 18 153 33 54.0 54.0 Nie Áno Nie
6.11.2010 MIKUNDA Timotej 18 87 22 12.9 13.0 Áno Áno Nie
3.11.2010 MIKUNDA Timotej 18 77 32 12.8 12.9 Áno Áno Nie
15.9.2010 MIKUNDA Timotej 18 78 30 12.0 12.1 Áno Áno Nie
18.8.2010 MIKUNDA Timotej 18 71 39 14.0 13.1 Áno Áno Nie
7.8.2010 Pernica Lubomir 18 84 36 24.2 24.2 Áno Áno Nie
7.8.2010 MIKUNDA Timotej 18 86 23 13.6 13.7 Áno Áno Nie
4.8.2010 MIKUNDA Timotej 18 76 33 13.6 13.6 Áno Áno Nie


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