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Význam slov kúpeľný golf je tu naplnený doslovne, nakoľko golfové ihrisko obklopuje kúpeľný hotelový komplex, ponúkajúci liečbu a rehabilitáciu pohybových ústrojov.

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My first Golf experience in Czech Republic | Frank Woods, 11.7.2010 21:01 | Reagovať » | Späť «
I can only say never again on this course. From 9 holes 8 are in very bad shape I never experienced before. A lot of fairways are crossed by either pedestriants or bikers which can be quite dangerous. 3 fairways are crossed by high voltage wires (I hit one). I would also call this a 6 hole course since the last 3 are shared with the driving range which can be dangerous for players since the range players continue while you cross the area. It's enough to bring your short irons only since I did not need anything longer than 7 iron due to short lenght of the fairways. You should not rely that they offer clubs for rent since the once offered were the worst and most dirty I have ever seen. I would have had more fun burning my money than spending it on this course. I am sure there are much better courses in Czech than this.